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In addition to the core areas of civil law (family law, labour law, etc.), we are of course happy to advise you in other everyday matters. Especially a contract and the obligations arising therefrom form the basis of this area of the law, and regulate the relationship between private persons, respectively companies – whether this relates to buying/selling a good, servicing your watch, or when accepting the terms and conditions when making an online purchase. In your everyday life, it is commonplace to enter into different contracts.

We support you regarding:
• Questions concerning contractual matters;
• Contract reviewing, contract drafting, contract contestation;
• Drafting of general terms and conditions or in their review.

Our expertise also extends to the areas of liability, tort, insurance, and property law. Not only the legal relations amongst persons are relevant, but also those relating to personal property. Oftentimes, a wrongful interference with your goods may take place, or a third party may refuse to return your property. This can result in a damage to your property. We are happy to work in a solution-oriented manner regarding your specific concern.

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