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The first step is
to choose the right legal form

Liechtenstein offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. We advise entrepreneurs on all corporate law issues, from the incorporation to the liquidation of the company. Both domestic and international entrepreneurs appreciate our solution-oriented approach.

In particular, we focus on the incorporation of companies, corporate structuring, advice on all ongoing corporate law matters and the drafting of articles of association, shareholders' agreements or other contracts in an entrepreneurial context.


Taxation in Liechtenstein

Matthias Langer: Liechtenstein income tax law does not provide any special provisions for cryptocurrencies or the taxation of blockchain-based companies.


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Setting up a company in Liechtenstein is quick & easy

The first step in establishing a company in Liechtenstein is to choose the appropriate legal form. Liechtenstein offers a variety of options for both personal and capital companies. The specific choice of legal form depends primarily on the specific business model and tax considerations.


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Gründung einer Körperschaft mit Kryptowährungen

Incorporation of a company with crypto currencies

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Für die Gründung einer Körperschaft in Liechtenstein muss das Gründungskapital entweder auf ein Gründungssperrkonto bei einer Bank in der EU/EWR/Schweiz eingezahlt werden oder durch eine Sacheinlage erbracht werden.

In Liechtenstein kann die Einzahlung (Liberierung) des Gründungskapitals auch mittels Kryptowährung erfolgen.

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