Thomas Nägele


Dr. iur., LL.M. Attorney at Law

Managing Partner



2021 Ph.D., Private University of Liechtenstein - Thesis topic: "The Legal Nature of Tokens under the Liechtenstein TVTG with Special Consideration of the Token Container Model (TCM)"
2020 Master of Laws in Banking and Financial Markets Law (LL.M.), University of Liechtenstein
2017 Lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein
2017 President of the CRYPTO COUNTRY ASSOCIATION (CCA) e.V., Liechtenstein
2015 Founding partner of NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC, Vaduz
2014 Liechtensteinischen Bar examination
2012-2015 Legal Associate with a Liechtenstein Law Firm, Vaduz
2011-2012 Internship at the Princely Court of Justice, Vaduz
2006-2011 Founder and member of the board of ekey biometric systems Establishment, Vaduz
2003-2011 Studied Law at the University of Vienna, Austria (Mag. iur)
2001-2006 Head of IT with AFS Anstalt für Sicherheitsberatung und Installation, Vaduz


Thomas Nägele advises international finance, technology and industrial enterprises, operating in the fields of Blockchain/DLT, telecommunications and internet, as well as public institutions. As a Liechtenstein Attorney and being an software developer, he focusses on Internet/IT law, as well as civil and corporate law. Besides being Attorney and legal Advisor, he teaches at the University of Liechtenstein and gives lectures and presentations on the newest legal developments.

Thomas Nägele was also a member of the government workgroup drafting the Liechtenstein TVTG (Trusted Technology Law; aka Blockchain Act).



23.11.2022 Panel on DeFi Self-Regulation
INATBA Digital Blockchain Week
18.11.2022 Lecture on TVTG, Certificate Course Digital Legal Officer 2022
University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz
16.11.2022 Lecture at the Board of Directors Workshop on cryptocurrencies
Alpha RHEINTAL Bank, St. Margrethen
27.10.2022 Lecture on regulation of Blockchain technologies
Youth Section of Vojvodina Bar Association, Serbia
13.10.2022 Panel discussion about the role of Assocations
Token Summit Liechtenstein 2022
01.10.2022 Panel discussion about legal compliance and enforcement in crypto securities in the Financial Market Regulatory Law
1. Comparative Law Symposium 2022, UFL Liechtenstein
15.09.2022 Panel discussion about Regulations
Borderless, Berlin Blockchain Week
15.09.2022 Presentation about Tokenization of Real-world Assets based on the Token Container Model
Æternity Universe Two, Crypto Castle, Germany
06.09.2022 Presentation about tokenization according to the TVTG
DAAA, Digital Asset Association Austria
24.08.2022 Panel Moderator about "The New Normal of Financial Deal Structuring?"
AIJA 2022, 60th Annual Congress, Singapore
27.06.2022 Panel about "How to Navigate the Legal Landscape in Digital Assets"
European Blockchain Convention, Barcelona
22.06.2022 Lecture at the University of Quebec
Gatineau (Quebec) Canada
02.06.2022 Regulatory Roundtable: DeFi Regulation trending topics & latest developments
Crypto Valley Conference 2022, Rotkreuz/ Switzerland
30.05.2022 Lecture on regulation of the token economy
Digital Finance Forum, Liechtenstein 2022
10.05.2022 Lecture at the 2nd Liechtenstein Conversations on economic criminal law
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
10.05.2022 Live session on the topic "Success factors of STO (Security Token Offering)"
03.05.2022 Speaking invitation @DeFi Retreat 2022
San Diego, USA
25.04.2022 Guest lecturer: The Liechtenstein TVTG (aka Blockchain Law)
University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons
05.04.2022 Panel discussion: Learning from Bitcoin to establish infrastructure for digital assets?
Crypto Assets Conference 2022, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
17.03.2022 Panel discussion on the topic of cryptocurrencies
web eXXpress Vienna
16.03.2022 Guest Lecture in the Blockchain & Digital Assets module
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
11.03.2022 Certificate Course Blockchain + FinTech
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
10.03.2022 Guest Lecture at the Hautes Études Commerciales, Paris and Stockholm School of Economics
The Liechtenstein crypto taxonomy, a cooperative approach to financial regulation
10.03.2022 Lecture at the National University of Singapore
Issue securities on the blockchain
18.12.2021 Lecture in the Executive Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Banking and Financial Markets Law
Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA) & ICO
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
26.11.2021 Liechtenstein Tax Conference 2021
Regulatory Requirements: Acquiring, holding and disposing of cryptocurrencies in FL & CH
25.11.2021 Lecture about the Liechtenstein TVTG
Insights: „Tokens in Banking“
Society for the Promotion of Research Transfer e.V.
13.11.2021 Asset tokenization needs a proper legal framework
Forbes Monaco Art & Crypto Gala/ Monaco
02.11.2021 Regulation of crypto assets - MiCA
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
26.10.2021 NEARCon Legal Panel, Lisbon
13.10.2021 World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2021
Meeting the crypto regulatory challenge
12.10.2021 AIM Summit Dubai 2021
Intersection between DeFi & CeFi / Trade Finance
08.10.2021 Case Study: Security Token & Secondary market
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
06.10.2021 The Liechtenstein TVTG
Lecture at BCL, Business Club Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
22.09.2021 Blockrocket Panel Event
Crypto Compliance&Regulations/ Amsterdam
01.09.2021 Compliance Officer Certificate Course
Lecture on compliance in the IT sector at the University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
07.08.2021 Bitcoin Zitadelle
YOUTUBE LINK: Bitcoin regulation in Liechtenstein
22.07.2021 XIXOIO: Regulation update TVTG and MiCA
24.06.2021 The Introduction of the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act in order to create legal certainty and trust in the Token Economy
12.06.2021 Certificate Course Digital Legal Officer 2021
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
31.05.2021 Crypto Assets Conference 2021, CAC21A
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
27.04.2021 The Liechtenstein TVTG
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
Rotary Club Feldkirch Austria
20.04.2021 SFI Blockchain & Innovation Circle (BIC) on DeFi from a corporate law perspective in D/CH/FL
Staff Office for Financial Center Innovation
16.04.2021 Round table "Panel on Blockchain in Moscow"
13.04.2021 The Liechtenstein TVTG
University of Applied Sciences Graubünden
16.03.2021 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (TVTG)
D’LIGHT Law Group
05.03.2021 Certificate Course Blockchain + FinTech
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
19.02.2021 Data protection & IT guidelines in the home office
Business Network International
22.01.2021 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (TVTG)
Metaco Talks
11.12.2020 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (TVTG) The ideal test regime for the proposed MiCa?
Frankfurt School of Business
03.12.2020 UFL Panel Law, First Experiences with the Blockchain Law (TVTG)
Private University in Liechtenstein
01.12.2020 The European Commission's draft crypto-assets regulation (MiCa) and the Liechtenstein TVTG, an opportunity for Liechtenstein financial services providers?
STEP Vaduz Centre Webinar
25.11.2020 Secondary Markets for Security Token and Decentralized Securities Trading
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
19.11.2020 Liechtenstein Blockchain Act
National University of Singapore
22.10.2020 Security Token Exchanges - Revolution of the Secondary market? Digitalization in Finance and Law
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
02.10.2020 Trustless Technologies versus Intermediaries
7th Annual Hackers Congress/ HCPP20
02.07.2020 Role of Advanced technologies in overcoming COVID-19 disruptions in international trade
UNECE, Online Conference
Streaming Link
Download Link
Presentation Link
13.05.2020 Why a proper legal framework is crucial for banks and intermediaries to provide services around tokenization and what we can learn from the Liechtenstein example
12.05.2020 Capitol Controls:Europe Edition Consensus:Distributed
09.03.2020 Blockchain Act Liechtenstein - The Token Container Modell
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
26.02.2020 Fundamentals and structure of the Blockchain Law
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
15.02.2020 Fundamentals + Construction 'Blockchain Law' (TVTG), Services subject to registration under TVTG, Business models based on trusted technologies?
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
23.01.2020 Speaker & Moderator at CV Summit
Intercontinental Hotel/ Davos
LINKEDIN Article: CV Summit 2020
13.01.2020 Token + VT service provider law (TVTG)
Rotary Club/ Vaduz
06.12.2019 Token + TT Service Provider Act (TTTA), Token + VT service provider law (TVTG)
CV Labs/ Vaduz
27.11.2019 Roadmap to the TVTG (Triology on Blockchain, Sustainable Development and Privacy)
IGF-Event/ Berlin
17.10.2019 How to regulate Blockchain and why?
DCARPE Alliance/Disclose Conference/ New York
15.10.2019 Digital Asset Report
New York Stock Exchange
LINKEDIN Article: Interview about the BlockchainAct
26.09.2019 TVTG Blockchain 4 Impact
United Nations/ Genf
LINKEDIN Article: UN blockchain4impact forum
19.09.2019 Token and TT Service provider Act (TTTA)
Farrer & Co. - Fintech & Wealthtech/ London
17.09.2019 Blockchain-Key technology for the digitalization of the financial center
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
10.09.2019 Token and VT service provider law (TVTG)
Mason Private bank/ Vaduz
04.09.2019 Compliance in IT
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
27.06.2019 Token und TT Service Provider Act, Token and VT service provider law (TVTG)
Technopark/ Vaduz
28.05.2019 Disclaimer and privacy statements on websites
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
23.05.2019 The way to the TVTG: brief overview of the creation process of the upcoming law
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
08.05.2019 Legal practice, current legal developments
26.03.2019 Security Token Offering (STO) in FL: Overview, specific examples
Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
21.03.2019 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act: Providing Legal Certainty for a 'Token Economy'
think Blocktank Event/ Warschau
11.03.2019 CEPS event on 'What laws for the token economy?' Providing Legal Certainty for a 'Token Economy'
Think Tank CEPS-Event blockchain law/ Brussels
27.02.2019 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act: Providing Legal Certainty for a 'Token Economy'
Fintech Disrupt Summit/ Kopenhagen
21.02.2019 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act: Providing Legal Certainty for a 'Token Economy'
AZHOS Supply Chain Innovation Day/ Frankfurt
07.02.2019 Blockchain law: why does it need a law? Overview, illustration& examples
Entrepreneurs' aperitif of the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein/ Eschen
29.11.2018 The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (TTL)
XIXOIO 1st Crypto Banking Conf. In the World/ Empire Hall, Prag
26.11.2018 Does Liechtenstein need its own blockchain law?
IKT Forum/ Technopark/ Vaduz
20.11.2018 Blockchain, Crypto and ICO - Introduction, practical examples
Tax Administration Basel
09.11.2018 Blockchain and smart contracts in the field of copyright (legal basics + outlook)
AlpsForum Saint Gall
06.11.2018 Dos and Don'ts in ICO, token generation, token issuance
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
28.10.2018 The Liechtenstein 'Blockchain Act' (TTL)
CCF Zürich
24.10.2018 Law - trusted technologies/VTG
CFO Meeting Zürich
23.10.2018 Introduction Blockchain Law
STEP/ Ruggell
22.10.2018 Blockchain Law (TVTG)
FMA/ Flums
12.10.2018 Lecture on topic of blockchain
Rotary Club/ Weinlaube Nendeln
08.10.2018 The Liechtenstein 'Blockchain Act' Code_n /new.New Festival 2018
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle/ Stuttgart
25.09.2018 Workshop "The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act"
19.09.2018 Startup, ICO-Finanzierung in der Praxis
ISA/ Mallorca
29.06.2018 Blockchain Law of Liechtenstein
Technopark/ Vaduz
28.06.2018 Symposium: Crypto (ICO) Vereinigung für Steuerrecht Fürsentum Liechtenstein
SAL/ Schaan
22.06.2018 Counterfeits, confusion: trademarks in the age of smart products
AIJA/ Frankfurt
15.06.2018 Asset Management in the Crypto World
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
14.06.2018 Regulation and Taxes re. Blockchain related business
MASIT/ University of Lausanne
12.06.2018 Legal Challenges of ICO
EFTA WGFS/ Ruggell
08.06.2018 Regulatory Framework Principalty of Liechtenstein / Switzerland
Deutscher Bundestag/ Berlin
26.05.2018 Blockchain, Robo-Advisory, Legaltech
58. DACH Conference/ Stockholm
17.05.2018 Token Summit 2018
New York
YOUTUBE LINK: Tokens Regulation and Activity in Switzerland
14.05.2018 Digital Compliance for Companies (DSGVO) Compliance Day 2018
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
24.04.2018 Blockchain, Smart Contracts, copyright law
HSG/ Saint Gall
16.11.2017 Smart Contracts
AIJA/ Girona
26.09.2017 General Data Protection Regulation (DSGV, GDPR
EU Comission Brussels
05.09.2017 Cryptocurrencies and compliance, compliance in IT
University of Liechtenstein/ Vaduz
27.04.2017 Blockchain& Cryptocurrencies Epiphany Business Symposium
Technopark/ Vaduz
27.10.2016 Legal situation; responsibility, liability, damage, abuse?
Kokon/ Ruggell


March 2022 The "Blockchain Law" in Liechtenstein
"FinTech - Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Supervisory Regulation of Financial Services"
eds. Kunschke, Spitz and Pohle, ISBN 978-3-503-20688-9, page 331 (Publication in German)
Januar 2022 Suitable Corporate Forms to launch a Utility Token Offering (ICO) in Liechtenstein
November 2021 The Legal Nature of Tokens
Dr. Thomas Nägele, DLT media LLC, published in german
ISBN: 978-3-9525557-1-2 LINK
November 2021 How to register as a Token-Issuer (ICO/STO) in Liechtenstein?
April 2021 Why Liechtenstein is an attractive location for the token economy
November 2020 MiCA Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation and the DLT Pilot Regime
What impact might these proposed EU regulations have on Liechtenstein and the TVTG (aka Blockchain Act)? LINK
August 2020 Secondary Market for Security Tokens
Jan Sramek Verlag ISBN: 978-3-7097-0251-2 LINK
Juli 2020 Liechtensteins Token and TT Service Provider Law
Juli 2020 Registration requirements according to the TVTG
(aka the Token Act / Blockchain Act) LINK
Juli 2020 Secondary Market for Security Tokens
The need for a new regulatory approach at the European Union level LINK
April 2020 Blockchain Comparative Guide
März 2020 Liechtenstein: Fintech comparative guide
März 2020 Legally Binding Electronic Signatures
Information On The Adaption LINK
März 2020 The Regulatory Framework for a Tokenized Economy
TVTG Liechtenstein
Crypto Outlook 2020, Bitcoin Suisse LINK
Januar 2020 Executive Summary of Crypto Exchanges in Liechtenstein
2019 Digital Asset Regulation
A Cross-Country Analysis, 2019 Edition, STASIS
November 2019 Blockchain rules
Piska/Völkel, MANZ Verlag Wien, ISBN: 978-3-214-02473-4
Juli 2019 Tokenized structures and assets in Liechtenstein law
Trusts & Trustees
Juni 2019 EU Token Regulation Paper
2019 Digital Asset Regulation
A cross-country analysis
Juli 2018 Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology in Liechtenstein Regulatory Law [Kryptowährungen und Blockchain Technologie im liechtensteinischen Aufsichtsrecht]
Liechtenstein Law Journal (LJZ), p. 63–69.
Juni 2018 Blockchain and token-based companies in Liechtenstein
Tax and Legal Questions and Answers, IWB - International Tax and Business Law, p. 240



Member of AIJA
Member of the European Attorneys Association DACH
Member of the JCI Liechtenstein Werdenberg
Member of the Liechtenstein Bar Association
Member of the Liechtenstein Arbitration Association
Member of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce




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