Tenancy & Real Estate Law

Tenancy and real estate law are areas of law most people coming into contact with at some point. In legal relationships between tenants and landlords, ambiguities and conflicts can arise again and again. In addition, questions often arise, for example, in connection with the construction of one's own home.

We advise both tenants and landlords in all matters of tenancy law. Our scope of activity ranges from the preparation of tenancy agreements and advice on rights and obligations, to disputes arising therefrom - be it, for example, disputes about rent increases or damage to the rented property - to the termination (notice of termination, etc.) of tenancies. In addition, we will also represent you in court in matters of tenancy law.

We are also happy to act for you in legal matters relating to the purchase and construction of real estate. We support you in the drafting and review of contracts as well as in any resulting legal disputes.

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